Bill Turner, Sr. Minister in Raleigh, NC

Sr. Minister Bill Turner of Life Impact Community, Raleigh NCBill Turner, Sr. Minister

Bill Turner was born and raised in the mountains of Harlan, Kentucky—a small coal mining town. In the early 70s, Bill left his home and its distinct culture behind to attend college, where he acted upon his childhood call to become a minister and counselor. After earning a degree in theology and psychology, Bill began working with small churches and was instrumental in their rapid growth. During his tenure within traditional Christianity, he worked with church groups ranging in size from 50 to 800 members and became a sought after speaker at churches, universities, workshops, and seminars affiliated with his denomination. However, at the pinnacle of his career, due to his own internal changes of perspective and the resulting changes in his religious beliefs, Bill made the difficult decision to be authentic and leave his church catapulting him into an unknown future.

At this time of transition and upheaval, Bill spent a number of years studying the works of several religions and philosophers while also gaining insights from new spiritual teachers including a New Thought minister who became his best friend.  During this time, he moved to the mountains of North Carolina and spent a number of years working closely with a Native American Shaman.  All the while, Bill worked with more “open” churches and also explored careers in the secular world, broadening his life experience and expanding his belief system, as well as his heart.  In 2003 Bill was invited to join his best friend as a co-minister at his church—bringing Bill back to the Triangle.

Initially, Bill worked alongside his beloved friend, Minister Jack Graf at the Unity Church of Raleigh until his sudden death in the spring of 2004.  Although bittersweet, Bill was appointed to fill his best friend’s now-vacant senior minister position. However, Bill’s tenure at UCR was short-lived.  Once it became clear to Bill that certain denominational regulations restricted him from following his true values, he resigned.  As a result, Bill and his future wife Mary Pat founded Journeys – A Spiritual Community where he could use his talents to authentically fulfill his purpose—and continue to work with his now wife—to make a difference in the lives of others by teaching spiritual principles that were fully aligned with his heart.

Bill served as the Spiritual Director of Journeys, an independent spiritual organization for seven years.  Journeys re-branded itself as Life Impact Community at the end of 2012 because its building lease became unaffordable for the congregation.  Thankfully, Journeys was able to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement and is currently on good terms with the leasing company.

Bill currently serves as Senior Minister of Life Impact Community, an independent, inclusive spiritual community teaching principles highlighting the common thread of wisdom found within and beyond all religions in order to open hearts and impact lives.  Bill is excited to work in partnership with Assistant Minister Andy Ross at Life Impact.